Solar Geyser System

A solar geyser is really a cost effective and green option to regular energy hungry electric water heaters. The cold water getting into the header tank is gradually discharged to the storage tank. The cold water normally forms lower and during that procedure makes its way into the vacuum collector tubes. Those tubes are made to catch the heat of the sun’s rays while keeping cool to the touch. While the water is heated up on the collector tube it goes up and gets into the storage tank that is insulated to make sure that the water stays hot for several hours. As a result, you can still take advantage of hot water at night time.

How Do Solar Geysers Work?

Solar geysers make use of photovoltaic panels, also known as collectors, that are fitted to your roof.

How Do Solar Geysers Work - Solay Geyser

The water is warmed up on the collectors utilizing thermal solar energy coming from the sun that is then stored in the tank. This could be used in addition to a regular electrical geyser to achieve your desired temperature level, especially helpful in much cooler climates over the winter months. There are two major types of solar heating panels:

Left tubes:

Also known as vacuum tube collectors, they are made up of numerous glass tubes filled up with a transfer fluid, that is usually a mixture of water and antifreeze. The heat is then transferred to the water via an exchanger known as a manifold.

Flat plate collectors:

Created around the 50’s, it’s the most common type of panel utilized in solar water heating. On places in which freezing or frost dominates, flexible polymers are used and the panel could freeze and unfreeze many times with no damage.

Advantages Of Having A Solar Geyser

  • Advantages Of Having A Solar Geyser - Solar GeysersEnjoy warm water in your home all through the year. The system functions even during winter season around cold climates whenever it’s retrofitted into your electric geyser.
  • Lowered electricity bill. Solar energy coming from the sun is free of charge, the moment you’ve had the system set up you’ll see a huge decrease in charges for water heating.
  • Reduce carbon footprint. Solar water heating is eco-friendly, renewable source, this can reduce you homes CO2 emissions. This has been discovered to minimize an average household’s emissions by around three tons yearly.
  • You’ll have hot water even in the course of power shutdowns or load shedding.
  • Solar geysers make use of defense coming from future electricity rate hikes.

Cost Savings

Your electric geyser is the best energy consumer in your house, it utilizes 40% of the monthly electrical power invest on average. Whenever shifting to solar you will notice huge financial savings. Not simply will your electricity expenses decrease substantially, however you also may get authorized for a refund. You might be fretted regarding the expense of shifting over, however once you find the financial savings, you ‘d be foolish not to.


Maintenance for a solar geyser is usually really low. The moment it is set up, the majority of service providers make use of a manual that includes a few basic maintenance inspections that should be done every now and then to ensure the system is functioning properly.

The most crucial thing to consider are leaks, these could easily be recognized. In case your system isn’t providing warm water on the warm day, we advise you make contact with the installer. A few installation company can provide an annual service check, keep this in mind when choosing an installer.

How Solar Geyser Works