Italy Set to Become Leader in Solar PV Market

Italy looks set to overtake current world leader Germany in the solar photovoltaic installation stakes, according to a report from analyst SolarPlaza. The first half of 2011 has seen the country install three times the volume of Germany, which means Italy has the potential to oust the global solar PV champion from its top perch. […]

It’s All Change For UK’s Solar Industry FIT Levels

The 1 August is a significant day for the UK solar industry, as it marks the introduction of new feed-in tariff (Fit) levels for large-scale solar PV projects. It’s a move that has been coming since the Government launched its Fast-Track Feed-in Tariff review earlier in the year, with a view to putting a stop […]

Feed-In Tariff Loophole Exposed

A three-month stay of execution has been given to solar project developers, after the recent revelation that a hidden loophole was giving them the means to by-pass the effects of the fast-track feed-in tariff (Fit) review. Under sections 15 and 16 of the Feed-in Tariffs (Specified Maximum Capacity and Functions) Order 2010 document, large-scale solar […]

Cuts to Solar PV Tariffs Questioned by House of Lords

The Government’s plans to slash the feed-in tariff (Fit) for solar PV systems over 50kW has been questioned in a recent debate in the House of Lords. A group – comprising of members of the Micropower Council, the Building Council for Sustainable Energy UK, the British Photovoltaic Association, the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association and […]

Solar Farms Dash to Beat Feed-in Tariff Deadline

As numerous large-scale solar farm parks across the UK continue to work against the clock to beat the 1 August feed-in tariff (Fit) deadline, two more solar parks have just begun to start generating electricity. Ecotricity’s 1 megawatt solar farm park in Lincolnshire has been constructed on Fen Farm, on land next to the Conisholme […]

Ed Miliband Adds His Weight to Solar FITs Fight

Labour Party Minister Ed Miliband has joined the solar Fits fight, by adding his political weight behind a campaign designed to force the Government to rethink its plans for the feed-in tariff scheme. Aiming to trigger a Parliamentary debate, the Labour leader has tabled an motion against the Government’s decision to reduce the feed-in tariff […]

Hampshire Council Investing In Solar Energy

Hampshire County Council is looking to invest almost £16 million in a solar energy project which would see the council fit solar panels on to 200 of its buildings. In an effort to reduce rising energy costs and to help lower their carbon footprint, the county council is looking into fitting around 200 of its […]

Switch Flicked on Buckinghamshire Solar Park

Situated on the runway of a former Battle of Britain airfield, Westcott Solar Park in Buckinghamshire is one of the UK’s first large-scale solar parks to get the go-ahead in the UK, after the Government announced its plans to reduce the feed-in-tariff (Fit) scheme for large-scale solar plants. Developed by property company Rockspring, to provide […]

Largest Solar Farm in the UK Gets Connected

The switch has been flicked on what could well be one of the country’s last large scale solar projects; a solar farm park in Oxfordshire that counts the Environment Agency amongst its tenants. Howbery Business Park claims to be the first to connect a large-scale, ground-mounted solar system to the grid and given the recently […]

Bognor Regis Hailed As Potential Solar Capital of the UK

The small seaside town of Bognor Regis on the south coast has the potential to become the solar power capital of the UK. Having emerged as one of the sunniest places in the country to live, figures released by the Met Office have revealed that the UK is a far sunnier place than most people […]