Nick Clegg vows new government will “not release more green hot air”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the new government plans to act on green initiatives and not just talk about them in a recent speech at an event hosted by business advisory firm TEDCO last week. Termed the “quiet green revolution” by Clegg, the new deal aims to create 1,000 new businesses and 10,000 new jobs.

The deal, revealed earlier in the year by the new coalition government, will mean consumers will be allocated funds to have renewable, energy efficient and green technology installed into their homes and pay back the loan through the savings made on energy bills. With energy efficient homes being able to save around £550 a year on bills according to research, the incentive has received positive feedback despite restricted information being released on how it will actually work.

The Green Deal would be particularly good news for the solar industry, especially with the Feed-in Tariff being the only incentive for solar available in the country until the Renewable Heat Incentive is launched next April.

Speaking at the event, Clegg wanted to reassure members of the industry that the Green Deal would be going ahead, but in a controlled manner. He said: “All politicians have warm words on the environment, and all governments talk about leading the shift to a new green economy.

“This government is going to do things differently. We won’t try and dazzle you with green gimmicks. We want to impress you by quietly getting on with the job.

“Today I want to focus on plans for a Green Deal to combine growth in the economy with a greener and more efficient way of using energy.

“Green Deal Finance will allow householders to make their homes more energy efficient, saving on their bills, without the need for them to provide up-front finance.

“Homes account for a quarter of all emissions in the UK, and this is no longer a problem we can ignore. With some of the oldest housing stock in Europe we also face a huge challenge.”

The deal is expected to take effect in 2012 with the government beginning to discuss legislation for it in the coming months.

“I want the business and research communities that will benefit from these changes to have the confidence that they are coming,” added Clegg.

“As those businesses take decisions about how they develop, I want them to be absolutely clear on our direction of travel.

“This Government’s aim is to lead a quiet green revolution, not release more green hot air.”

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