Lib Dem Councillors Push For a Postponement to FiTs Deadline

In the wake of the news that the Government wants to slash solar PV subsidies in half, a growing number of Liberal Democrat councillors are joining the ranks of those rebelling against the move.

With the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) set to impose the cuts to the solar feed-in tariff (Fit) scheme from 12 December, according to the Guardian, many Lib Dem councillors are being urged to push for a postponement over fears of imminent job cuts due to the deadline.

DECC continues to face a backlash from the solar industry, with installers venting their anger over the Government’s decision to slash subsidies so dramatically. With Liberal Democrat councillors preparing to add their voices to the revolt, there seems no end to the solar shambles saga.

According to a document by a group within the Local Government Association (LGA) – which has been seen by the Guardian – bringing in the cuts at such short notice isn’t good governance and bad for business planning. They are calling for the deadline to be extended to “the end of the financial year, as originally promised.”

The group goes on to say that the last general election was fought on getting more green jobs, and thanks to the feed-in tariff – which was giving growth to a new industry – more jobs were being created. In short, the cuts goes against everything they believe in and is a betrayal of their core values.

The Government has set the feed-in tariff budget at £860 million and maintains that the cuts are necessary in order to keep within the set budget.

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