Homeowners are not doing enough to improve their energy efficiency, says Greg Barker

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has said people are still being hesitant when it comes to improving energy efficiency in their homes.

The statement was made at the Retrofit Salford 2011 event, where Mr Barker shared his desire for more people to install double glazing or take advantage of the Government’s Feed-In Tariff by installing solar panels on roofs.

Commenting at Retrofit he said: “Heating bills have rocketed up in the last few years – gas bills, the year before last, went through the roof – and yet still people seem slightly resistant.”

As of June 2011 the Renewable Heat Incentive is expected to be launched. The scheme, which works in a similar way to the Feed-In Tariff, accepts a wider range of renewable technologies and is anticipated to attract further applicants.

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