Government minister wants more to be done to support small scale PV installations

The minister for climate change has called on the Government to review the level of support available through the Feed-In Tariff.

Last month, climate change minister Greg Barker met with representatives from the microgeneration industry to discuss how the Government could help to step up the level of support offered by the Feed-In Tariff scheme.

Mr Barker used the meeting to seek advice on how to trigger future reviews of the level of support for the scheme.

The minister also voiced his concern that large scale solar PV projects could potentially secure the bulk of the available Feed-In Tariff funding, leaving small roof top PV installations in danger of less money.

Plans for a number of large scale solar parks has hit the news in recent weeks, with installations intended for Cornwall, Somerset and Lincolnshire by numerous developers.

Mr Barker said: “I am planting the seeds for growth so we can see small scale energy generation flourish in homes, businesses and communities. All elements of the industry, from standards and access to information to technology and skills must be ready to deliver and grow.

“We’ve already pledged financial support to encourage people to install kit like solar panels and heat pumps, this consultation will ensure that the industry and consumers have the confidence to invest.”

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