Fit Scheme to Create More Than 10,000 Jobs By April 2012

The feed-in tariff (Fit) scheme is on track to create more than 10,000 green jobs by April 2012, according to research published by solar company Engensa.

Since its launch in April 2010, the scheme has resulted in excess of 70,000 solar panel installations in the UK, creating thousands of jobs from salespeople to installers. And if the Government maintains the feed-in tariff at its present rate when it comes to review the incentive scheme, more than 10,000 jobs will have been created by next spring, it will result in the generation of another 50,000 jobs by 2015.

Engensa CEO, Toby Darbyshire said supporting the feed-in tariff was a “no-brainer for economic growth and a healthy future.”

“Threats to slash the feed-in tariff by more than 25% would suffocate this blossoming industry and cost the UK government untold billions in unemployment insurance, increased fuel poverty subsidies and the consequences of an aging energy infrastructure,” he added.

The Government is due to launch a review of the scheme in early 2012, and Mr Darbyshire says they need to shy away from cutting the feed-in tariff rates too severely. Specifically, according to Engensa’s recent analysis, if the Government was to implement cuts in excess of 25% it would have a significant negative impact on the solar industry.

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