British Gas teams-up with Mears to cut social-housing carbon emissions

British social housing repairs company Mears has said this week that it will expand into carbon-cutting schemes for local authority-ran properties with a partnership with the UK’s biggest gas and electricity provider, British Gas. The move will allow Mears to reap the rewards of government funding that British Gas, as an energy service, has access to.

Mears announced on Tuesday that it had sealed a partnership with British Gas’ parent group Centrica to install energy saving technology such as solar panels and biomass boilers for around 5000,000 social houses under contract with Mears.

The team-up will allow Mears and British Gas to seek funding from the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) – which the government estimated would stimulate £3.2bn of investment by energy suppliers – and the £350m Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP), as well as British Gas having a gateway into the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when the latter is launched next April.

The partnership will mean the houses Mears currently works with will have access to a wide range of microgeneration installation and maintenance services including solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity panels and solar thermal water heating panels.

And with Mears currently in talks with the administrators of recently stricken rival Connaugh to secure some of the company’s contracts, the number of social houses that could qualify for renewable technologies could grow dramatically.

Phil Bentley, Managing Director of British Gas said: “The growing importance of a ‘whole house’ approach to energy management underpins the rationale for this partnership and we are delighted to be working with Mears.

“It is particularly welcome given that housing budgets are likely to come under pressure over coming months, and will also contribute to meeting Britain’s stretching carbon reduction targets.

“By co-ordinating British Gas’ and Mears’ expertise and experience, we are confident we will improve the quality of social housing throughout the UK at the lowest possible cost.”


  • Robert wolstencroft 14th February 2011

    How do you contact British gas for access to renewables?

    • wpadmin 9th June 2011

      You can contact British Gas solar on 0800 077 4106

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