July, 2011 - Archive

Feed-In Tariff Loophole Exposed

A three-month stay of execution has been given to solar project developers, after the recent revelation that a hidden loophole was giving them the means to by-pass the effects of the fast-track feed-in tariff (Fit) review. Under sections 15 and 16 of the Feed-in Tariffs (Specified Maximum Capacity and Functions) Order 2010 document, large-scale solar […]

Cuts to Solar PV Tariffs Questioned by House of Lords

The Government’s plans to slash the feed-in tariff (Fit) for solar PV systems over 50kW has been questioned in a recent debate in the House of Lords. A group – comprising of members of the Micropower Council, the Building Council for Sustainable Energy UK, the British Photovoltaic Association, the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association and […]

Solar Farms Dash to Beat Feed-in Tariff Deadline

As numerous large-scale solar farm parks across the UK continue to work against the clock to beat the 1 August feed-in tariff (Fit) deadline, two more solar parks have just begun to start generating electricity. Ecotricity’s 1 megawatt solar farm park in Lincolnshire has been constructed on Fen Farm, on land next to the Conisholme […]

Ed Miliband Adds His Weight to Solar FITs Fight

Labour Party Minister Ed Miliband has joined the solar Fits fight, by adding his political weight behind a campaign designed to force the Government to rethink its plans for the feed-in tariff scheme. Aiming to trigger a Parliamentary debate, the Labour leader has tabled an motion against the Government’s decision to reduce the feed-in tariff […]