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  • Dan Goodchild 9th June 2011


    I’m currently studying for an MSc in Sustainable Development from Exeter University and was hoping you could help me with my dissertation research. The research is exploring the behavioural effects that installing PV can have on electricity usage (Essentially looking into things like the ‘rebound effect’ and answering the question: do people who have access to free/low-carbon electricity use more or less electricity as a result? This will hopefully help make local and national policy/grant schemes/feed-in tariffs more effective in reducing carbon emissions, as well as making it more economically viable for suitable households). I’m yet to finalise the exact details of the project, but I am currently seeing if it’s possible to get contact details of households that have installed PV, and was wondering if there is a database of properties that have been successful in obtaining grant funding. If so, is the information available publicly, or through a freedom of information request?

    I appreciate that this is considered sensitive information, but any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


  • Julian Pearson 19th June 2011

    Feed In tarrif was, I thought, paid for by the high cost of the initial KWh used by those without renewable energies.. so why does the government make out it is paid for through a tax funded system?

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